BEST way to monetize blogger website | ( TOP-SECRET 5 WAYS)

In this article, I will give you the best way to monetize the bogger website. How to monetize your blog without Google AdSense. Best 5 ways to earn money from blogs. How to monetize the blogger website with Google AdSense.

You have a weblog, you have got traffic, however, you are not creating any cash. What should you do? Hey everyone, I'm the admin of this website and today I'm going to share with you five ways you can monetize your blog. Let's start off with the easiest one.

BEST way  to monetize bogger website

1:- AdSense

 It's one thing that Google provides, and allows you to put ads on your site. People place AdSense on their web site, you put it throughout your text, your sidebar, every time they click on it, you will make money.

2:-  Affiliate programs.

 Affiliate programs are wherever you promote a product or service, and you get paid every time you drive a sale. There's a lot of networks out there that have affiliate offers such as Click Bank, or JVZoo. You can go there to register for offers, promote them on your blog, and you'll get paid every time you drive a sale.

3:- sell digital products.

From e-books to courses, there's an infinite amount of possibilities with digital products. You can even use a service known as Kajabi to deliver your digital merchandise to the folks that expire. Now once you are commerce digital merchandise the most effective thanks to being intimate is often through a webinar. Have individuals visit your web site, register for a webinar, watch, and then some of them will end up buying or becoming leads, or customers, for your digital products.

4:- Sell your own ad space.

AdSense, that is in hand by Google, is the middleman. If you do not wish to own a middleman you'll be able to go on to those who ought to be advertising and acquire them to shop for ads. Sure, most people are going to say no, but that's okay. If you hit enough people up, someone will buy an ad spot. That method you'll be able to keep that middleman fee and you will create more cash.

5:- sell physical products

A good example of this is Legion Athletics. They have a weblog all regarding fitness and that they sell physical merchandise. Proteins, supplements, vitamins, and you know what? They do millions and millions of dollars a year. They do over $10 million a year, literally, over $10 million a year due to their weblog traffic. It's super effective as long as you are making a wonderful product that folks wish to shop for.

So, these are some ways that you can monetize your blog

Use those 5 strategies and you will be ready to legitimize your weblog. If you wish, you can use multiple of them. Some individuals do ads and that they sell digital merchandise. Some individuals sell digital merchandise and physical at a similar time. It's up to you on what you want to do. I wouldn't advocate doing all 5, because it's just overwhelming for a visitor, but you can pick one or two, and if you want to go to the extreme you could choose 3 of these strategies and use all directly.

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